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More Cleaning

Once again, Dear Reader(s), here’s a collection of links that you might find of interest. I covered more ground this summer on the internet than in person so there are many tabs to share.

The first three are In Memoriams that crossed my path after the passing of Senator McCain, may he rest in peace.


Corby Hall at Notre Dame – May it rest in pieces. – I understand the necessity of tearing it down and starting over, but the historical purist in me cringes.

Civil War era Limb Pit discovered – kind of macabre, kind of cool, especially if you’re into forensics.

The Science of Saving the Declaration of Independence – Sadly, I don’t think it would hold up to National Treasure-esque shenanigans.

New Theory States that Men Nearly Caused Human Extinction – My current place of employ is currently 90% male. The findings of this article do not come as a surprise.

The Creative Mind of J.R.R. Tolkien – currently on view at the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, then coming to New York next year. I think I’m going to have to make a trip to New York to see this.

British View the War of 1812 Quite Differently than Americans – Again, I kind of feel like this is a no-brainer. It makes sense that Canadians and Native Americans also have their own take on this particular conflict.

Ask A Reenactor Playing The Bad Guys – Worth the read. The author makes a good point that the victors write history so the bad guys need humanizing. The author also points out that reenactors are pretty good at self-policing, and there’s an unspoken code about how to judge/evaluate other reenactors doing controversial impressions (ie, the SS).

Ask A Reenactor: Ethnicity Reenacting – Such a complicated topic. So relevant. Speaking of which, I’ve crossed paths with this guy many times and am certain I asked him a lot of inappropriate questions about ethnicity and reenacting the first time I met him. And by that, I think I downright accosted him. Unrelated, I want to know how big his closet is for all of his gear.

And lastly …

Well this seems like an interesting fusion of a lot of things:


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Spring Cleaning

In lieu of a post with actual content, I find I must once again clean out the open tabs on my browser.

Mewki – “little seagulls” – women who volunteered in the Polish navy during World War II. I was doing research on them because my reenacting unit is Commonwealth and someone offered me a complete WRN (Women’s Royal Navy) uniform for a stupidly cheap price. We don’t have a naval impression but, in order to see if it would be worth it to have, I started reading up on this and … never finished.

Fly Girls The Series – a fundraising site(?) for a documentary about WASPs – Women Airforce Service Pilots. Was doing research for an upcoming post, but turns out to not need this link. Still, an interesting topic on an elite group of women during WW2.

Colm Toibin reads Mary Lavin – Irish author reads short fiction. My dad had sent me this link because it included an Irish author (my dad’s hobby is sending emails) and I deleted the email because I thought I would listen to it but I didn’t and I’m tired of having the tab open.

The Reel History of the Great War – An article through the National Archives publication on the role film and photography played during World War I.

French Museum Discovers Half of Its Collection are Fakes – If a forger can fool an expert, why doesn’t it count as art? (Not sure Han Van Meegeren’s obviously fake Vermeers count, but some of his earlier Vermeers could have fooled me.)

Michael Collins Did Not Start the Irish Civil War – well this is interesting. I wrote a paper in high school on the IRA and Sinn Fein, which naturally had to touch on the years of oppression, the Black and Tans, Wolfe Tone, Michael Collins vs. Eamon de Valera, the Irish Civil War, Irish Republicanism vs Irish Nationalism, the Troubles in the 70s, all the way up to the Good Friday Agreement signed in 1998, which wasn’t that much earlier than high school and the said paper.

Learn About WWII by Watching These Films in Order – Someone took a list of all the WW2 movies out there and organized them in the order of chronology of their events.

The Chinese Soldiers Who Fought in the American Civil War – Definitely not common. Definitely interesting.

The Right Way to be Introspective – The difference between introspection and insight. Self-reflect all you want, but it doesn’t help if you don’t have self-awareness.

And last but not least…

The Full Declaration of the Summit Between North and South Korea – history in the making, my friend(s).



Current stack of to-read books. The chances of me actually finishing them all before they’re due are … not good.

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I’m A Special Snowflake

I just wanted to encourage people to go be interesting. Go find things that interest you and explore them further. Don’t be ashamed. It’s ok to be weird.

Was I ashamed, running through Valley Forge National Historic Park while listening to the Turn soundtrack with my Avengers knee socks? NO! Just the opposite! In fact, I wanted to stop other runners/walkers/bikers and inform them of what I was doing. If they appreciated my utter dorkiness, I would categorize them as “cool”. If they didn’t, I could feel sorry for them and be about my merry way.

When I say running, I actually mean a brisk walk. I didn’t realize how little minuets and harpsichords lend themselves to running.  Continue reading

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Ephemera (or random tidbits)

The problem(??) with history is that it just keeps on coming. So when you turn around there’s layers upon layers upon layers, like a really, really, really thick slice of baklava. Like Mesosoic baklava. With nuts. Because History is full of nuts.

There have been many historical anniversaries of late, almost too many to keep track of:

  • A bunch of Civil War 150th Anniversaries: Monocacy, Ft. Stevens (the only time a sitting [well, standing] President came under direct fire), The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Kennesaw Mountain, Mobile Bay, while Atlanta is coming up in about a week. And those are just some of the big names. In fact, just go check out this link because I’m linking from here anyway.
  • The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. Interesting. WWI was began 50 years after the Civil War.
  • The 70th anniversary of DDay.
  • The City of Alexandria celebrated its 2xxth birthday with fireworks.
  • And apparently today is the 2xxth Bastille Day, celebrated by the French and, I suppose, Americans pretending to have a global outlook.

To commemorate this, have some music:
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