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Spring Cleaning

In lieu of a post with actual content, I find I must once again clean out the open tabs on my browser.

Mewki – “little seagulls” – women who volunteered in the Polish navy during World War II. I was doing research on them because my reenacting unit is Commonwealth and someone offered me a complete WRN (Women’s Royal Navy) uniform for a stupidly cheap price. We don’t have a naval impression but, in order to see if it would be worth it to have, I started reading up on this and … never finished.

Fly Girls The Series – a fundraising site(?) for a documentary about WASPs – Women Airforce Service Pilots. Was doing research for an upcoming post, but turns out to not need this link. Still, an interesting topic on an elite group of women during WW2.

Colm Toibin reads Mary Lavin – Irish author reads short fiction. My dad had sent me this link because it included an Irish author (my dad’s hobby is sending emails) and I deleted the email because I thought I would listen to it but I didn’t and I’m tired of having the tab open.

The Reel History of the Great War – An article through the National Archives publication on the role film and photography played during World War I.

French Museum Discovers Half of Its Collection are Fakes – If a forger can fool an expert, why doesn’t it count as art? (Not sure Han Van Meegeren’s obviously fake Vermeers count, but some of his earlier Vermeers could have fooled me.)

Michael Collins Did Not Start the Irish Civil War – well this is interesting. I wrote a paper in high school on the IRA and Sinn Fein, which naturally had to touch on the years of oppression, the Black and Tans, Wolfe Tone, Michael Collins vs. Eamon de Valera, the Irish Civil War, Irish Republicanism vs Irish Nationalism, the Troubles in the 70s, all the way up to the Good Friday Agreement signed in 1998, which wasn’t that much earlier than high school and the said paper.

Learn About WWII by Watching These Films in Order – Someone took a list of all the WW2 movies out there and organized them in the order of chronology of their events.

The Chinese Soldiers Who Fought in the American Civil War – Definitely not common. Definitely interesting.

The Right Way to be Introspective – The difference between introspection and insight. Self-reflect all you want, but it doesn’t help if you don’t have self-awareness.

And last but not least…

The Full Declaration of the Summit Between North and South Korea – history in the making, my friend(s).



Current stack of to-read books. The chances of me actually finishing them all before they’re due are … not good.


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Domer in DC (in Dublin) meets Dublin Domers

Day three in Dublin –> There’s a lot in this post, and much more if you read the links (please do!) so I’ve created headings which will hopefully enhance your viewing experience.


It was recommended that I should definitely eat at a place called Avoca because they have superior scones.

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Domer in DC Does Dublin, Day Dos

Part Two of this poor attempt at a Dublin series. Part One is here.

After a good night’s sleep, I was up and at ’em in time to meet Sister for a morning stroll around Merrion Square and the Sunday scene there.

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Domer in DC …. /in Dublin/

Yes that’s right. Dublin.

If you recall (back when I was posting about real stuff) I wrote about a quick stop in Boston where I got to check out a lot of the places important to America’s whole Colonial Era mythology. The reason for this quick stop was actually a layover because I was on my way to Dublin, the land of my forebears (sort of), to visit my sister and college roommate.

So. After a fun and eventful day in Boston, seeing all the sites with other college roommate, eating the famous cannolis from that famous place from that famous movie (Mike’s?), I hopped a cab back to the airport for my 10 pm flight ex patria.

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The Clash of the Ash

Cork v Clare - GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship Final Replay

Just a little something I whipped up in a couple of hours …

Many weeks ago – the week before the USC game – it came to my attention that a premier Irish hurling team was going to be at Notre Dame to have a demonstration of, well, hurling.  Not knowing much more about the sport than that it existed, I decided to go. Continue reading

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