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Birthday Bicentennial!

I almost forgot that this year was the bicentennial anniversary of INDIANA!!!

And … woah… according to Wikipedia, I’m not even that far off from the actual anniversary date of December 11. Woo hoo!! Go me!!! For whatever reason, I always thought of Indiana as more of a Pisces (Feb19-Mar20) than a Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec21).

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Home State. 🙂


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East Wind, Rain. East Wind, Rain.


2016-03-21 11.15.34

An original artifact


“A Day that Will Live in Infamy”

Americans today recognize that line, especially in conjunction with December 7. Hopefully they also know where that line came from: the speech FDR gave to Congress on December 8, after which Congress pretty much unanimously declared war on Japan and brought America into World War 2. Japan’s ultimate goal of destroying the Pacific Fleet backfired in a major way and had the opposite effect of keeping America out of their hair. America, for its part, realized how much it had underestimated the Japanese. [note: FDR actually said “a date that will live in infamy”]

However, there are a couple of interesting and much lesser known stories surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor. I came across them separately, but putting them together is surely a seed for a lot of interesting research. Continue reading

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