I’m A Special Snowflake

I just wanted to encourage people to go be interesting. Go find things that interest you and explore them further. Don’t be ashamed. It’s ok to be weird.

Was I ashamed, running through Valley Forge National Historic Park while listening to the Turn soundtrack with my Avengers knee socks? NO! Just the opposite! In fact, I wanted to stop other runners/walkers/bikers and inform them of what I was doing. If they appreciated my utter dorkiness, I would categorize them as “cool”. If they didn’t, I could feel sorry for them and be about my merry way.

When I say running, I actually mean a brisk walk. I didn’t realize how little minuets and harpsichords lend themselves to running. 

I’ve done other things to motivate myself while running, like playing the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and pretending I’m rescuing Faramir. I usually play the soundtrack to either Gods and Generals* or Gettysburg while driving to said battlefield. The distance between DC and Gettysburg is just about an hour, aka the perfect length for one CD. The distance between DC and the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania/Petersburg conglomeration is just about perfect for both CDs. What a great way to pregame a battlefield excursion.

*The music is pretty good, in spite of the movie.

The random tenor of this post is brought to you by the backlog of historical pamphlets and photographs I’m very slowly working through and trying to turn into something bloggable, with the end goal of divesting myself of all of this crap that’s been taking up space for years. Do I need that binder full of medical records from Blenheim Place in Old Town Fairfax? Probably not. Do I need that other binder full of interesting articles of medical history, some written by Jonathan Letterman, the first Army Surgeon General? Again, probably not. Why do I have these things? Uh, would you believe me if my answer was “.. for fun?”

(Although hoarding historical site pamphlets can have fascinating results, as evidenced by three generations’ worth of Mount Vernon stuff.)

So let me reiterate my point: Go be you. Do what you do. It’s ok to be weird. It only gets awkward when you get awkward about it, but if you own it and embrace it, people will respond to that enthusiasm more than the thing itself. (Unless you’re pickling roadkill heads in your garage, then you maybe shouldn’t go be you.)

Here’s a picture for fun. Captain Colonial! Please note the gorget of status with the white star and, after about 2 hours on Google, I am moderately sure that is what an officer from Brooklyn would have worn.



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