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God Bless America

“It’s the end of the world as we know it … and I feel fine”

Or something like that. Dear reader(s), I hope you went out and voted today, but more importantly, I hope you educated yourself on the issues. Because no matter who wins, the world will not come to an end and America as we know it will not burst into flames, although Canada’s immigration officers will probably be busy. Recently, celebrity Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs weighed in on his choice for president. Which is to say, he didn’t. Go read it, it’s a good article.

I admit, I was less informed than I would have liked this election. Life got in the way. But I believe in the system. I believe in the American experiment and the idea of a representative (more or less) government. I believe some things need work, but getting back to Mr. Rowe’s words of wisdom, I also believe I need to educate myself before making sweeping statements about the electoral college or voter ID laws. Continue reading


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Mount Vernon Miscellany

To probably nobody’s surprise, I have a lot of stuff packed away, ostensibly for archival purposes. Apparently my brain is wired like an historian’s. All those high school talent nights? Keep the programs for when everyone is all grown up and famous, like our drama teacher’s son who is an actor and has his own IMDB page and was in the recent Snowden movie. Anyway, recently I was going through an old box of programs and pamphlets I had collected throughout my life and forcing myself to throw some away. How many “Actors from the London Stage” programs does one need? How many National Park Service pamphlets dedicated to Gettysburg, Manassas, or Eisenhower does one need?

At one point I became aware of having multiple copies of brochures from Mount Vernon. Only later did I notice the archival opportunity these copies presented, as I had three distinct copies from three separate visits in my life. I doubt few people will care that I have this chance to trace the evolution of the brand, but I’m really excited.

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Fly the W

Speaking of history …. Guys, I don’t even like baseball but you betcha I’ll be watching Game 7 tonight. May the best losing streak break.

In the meantime, here’s a pretty awesome commercial from 2012:

Edit: I just discovered this video too. Also pretty awesome:

I recognize I’m bandwagoning. But I also hail from South Bend, and the Cubs are the home team there. It’s a shame Jeff “The Shark” Samardzija no longer plays for them.

It’s nice to support an exciting team this season. coughNOTREDAMEcough

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