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Dublin Day 5 – Dublin Castle

Ok dear Reader(s). Imma do this a little differently. I have found I am sacrificing much of the interesting research I find for these blog posts to keep them within a manageable length. And then my friend(s) tell me my posts are still too long. So I am going to focus more on the places and history, even if that means I’m splitting a single day over several blog posts. Eventually I will catch up!

Day five in Dublin dawned delightfully sunny. Seriously. In my six days in Dublin, it didn’t rain once. In fact, it reached about 70* F, which is a heat wave for them. They had no idea how to handle it.

It topped out over 20*C. Which is 68*F.


On this day, I broke my fast at Starbucks. In America, one of my favorite breakfasts is an everything bagel with cream cheese and a decaf grande flavored latte from Starbucks. However, this particular location did not have a bagel. They had a scone of sadness. It was processed and I could tell it had been frozen, and it wasn’t even fluffy. I suppose they’re catering to their market, but come on, I wanted a bagel.

The goal for this day was Kilmainham Gaol or bust. And so I begin the trek there again on foot.

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