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The Long Road Home-Part 1

History friend Mel and I found a place to stay on Airbnb in nearby Lynchburg, VA. Lynchburg is a really cute city and the loft we stayed in was a refurbished shoe factory. It looked old and historic on the outside and was right on the James River. Actually, it was a fantastic location and we enjoyed the few places in town we visited. I would consider living in Lynchburg. [ Please note, it was named after John Lynch in 1757, and *not* because people got lynched there…just clarifying because I had this conversation with someone.]

We arrived at the Court House on the 9th of April just after a reenactment of Lee’s surrender to Grant. (I noted with some sadness it was not Al Stone of Lee’s Lieutenants.) We spent the rest of the day weaving in and out of clusters of people while looking through the buildings. There was a lot of history to absorb while avoiding people and horse droppings. The National Park Service was the designated authority on this site, and between herding people and answering questions, they too were discussing the historical events and aftermath surrounding Appomattox. Park Rangers make me so happy.

3 rangers

They were discussing what sort of superpowers the Union would need. This conversation also included the words “spidey senses” and “jazz hands.” I love park rangers.

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Meandering Through History

… What a good tagline.

I had some real time off over the holidays, like real time and not Christmas Day and calling out  for a couple of days, which is something I totally would never do ever.  After a nice trip home for some of Mom’s annual Christmas treats, I still had a whole week left.  So, I found myself killing that awkward week between Christmas and New Year’s in Philadelphia.  On the surface, I was visiting a college friend.  But mostly –> Valley Forge at Christmastime.

When I told my sister I wanted to visit Valley Forge during the winter because of history reasons, she laughed at me.  Like, I hadn’t heard her laugh like that in a long time.  Whatever, sister, I’m still cool.

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