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Mount Vernon Miscellany

To probably nobody’s surprise, I have a lot of stuff packed away, ostensibly for archival purposes. Apparently my brain is wired like an historian’s. All those high school talent nights? Keep the programs for when everyone is grown up and famous, like our drama teacher’s son who is an actor and has his own IMDB page and was in the recent Snowden movie. Anyway, recently I was going through an old box of programs and pamphlets I had collected throughout my life and forcing myself to throw some away. How many “Actors from the London Stage” programs does one need? How many National Park Service pamphlets dedicated to Gettysburg, Manassas, or Eisenhower does one need?

At one point I became aware of having multiple copies of brochures from Mount Vernon. Only later did I notice the archival opportunity these copies presented, as I had three distinct copies from three separate visits in my life. I doubt few people will care that I have this chance to trace the evolution of the brand, but I’m really excited.

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Ephemera (or random tidbits)

The problem(??) with history is that it just keeps on coming. So when you turn around there’s layers upon layers upon layers, like a really, really, really thick slice of baklava. Like Mesosoic baklava. With nuts. Because History is full of nuts.

There have been many historical anniversaries of late, almost too many to keep track of:

  • A bunch of Civil War 150th Anniversaries: Monocacy, Ft. Stevens (the only time a sitting [well, standing] President came under direct fire), The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Kennesaw Mountain, Mobile Bay, while Atlanta is coming up in about a week. And those are just some of the big names. In fact, just go check out this link because I’m linking from here anyway.
  • The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. Interesting. WWI was began 50 years after the Civil War.
  • The 70th anniversary of DDay.
  • The City of Alexandria celebrated its 2xxth birthday with fireworks.
  • And apparently today is the 2xxth Bastille Day, celebrated by the French and, I suppose, Americans pretending to have a global outlook.

To commemorate this, have some music:
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