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Meandering Through History

… What a good tagline.

I had some real time off over the holidays, like real time and not Christmas Day and calling out  for a couple of days, which is something I totally would never do ever.  After a nice trip home for some of Mom’s annual Christmas treats, I still had a whole week left.  So, I found myself killing that awkward week between Christmas and New Year’s in Philadelphia.  On the surface, I was visiting a college friend.  But mostly –> Valley Forge at Christmastime.

When I told my sister I wanted to visit Valley Forge during the winter because of history reasons, she laughed at me.  Like, I hadn’t heard her laugh like that in a long time.  Whatever, sister, I’m still cool.

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The Big One … Part 2

As previously stated, the events commemorating the 150th of Gettysburg spanned several weeks.  The first week was full of events for the reenactors themselves and the second week was full of ticketed events for the public.  On the first day of the ticketed events, the 4th of July, I went up with my friend Mel, who normally does history things with me, and it was hot but we had a blast.

We were unable to attend the second day of events.  The 5th of July was that awkward Friday between a holiday and the weekend, and Mel hadn’t been able to take off work.  I didn’t want to go up by myself so I stayed home and did homework all day.  This was actually serendipitous because it turns out I needed that time to complete the assignments in a satisfactory manner.  Getting a master’s is hard work. Uff-dah.

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