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A Centenary Overlooked

… by everyone in America. I guess we’re more concerned about coming in at the end and saving the day and taking all the credit, like we do. What am I talking about?

Why, exactly (give or take a couple of hours and the time zone difference…) exactly one hundred years ago today, the world suddenly found itself Sans Ferdinand.


Get it? Get it?

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Hi guys.

I am cleaning out my browser tabs. I have this habit of opening tabs and letting them sit around. This can be good because it helps remind me to get to them in the future and sometimes it’s bad because it’s super embarrassing. (Like when I go to Starbucks to be productive and the first tab that’s open is Tumblr …. yeesh.)

Half of the tabs are things that might make interesting blog posts. But I have this issue. When I first started this, I was afraid I might not have enough content. Now I find I have too much! It’s like a Goldilocks problem. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the probability that I’m posting as it happens grows slimmer and slimmer …

So imma link them here and you can make of them as you will. These are things I find as I traverse the internets that catch my fancy. I think Facebook/Google is on to me now so the targeted ads are … much more specific. My other browser, however, still thinks I’m a 35year old American Veteran with PSTD from a farm in Eastern Europe.

And without further ado, may I present the articles:

Germany: Looted Matisse belongs to Jewish Family – The Matisse was part of the “degenerate art” hoarded by a Nazi art dealer that was discovered last year in a Munich apartment. Yay provenance researchers!

How to Make an Office Supplies Crossbow – You can get pretty good mileage from putting a paperclip onto a rubber band before shooting it, but this is artistry. I would, however, recommend not using the ink cartridge as a projectile and instead substituting a coffee stirrer straw. Much less lethal.

Vets, visitors flock to Normandy to remember D-Day – June 6 was the 70th anniversary of D-Day, where American forces brought truth, justice and apple pie to the shores of France. It was kind of a big deal because it’s a major anniversary and most of the vets are in their late 80’s-mid 90’s. It’s probably one of the last major anniversaries veterans will be able to attend.

Marilyn Monroe’s World War II Drone Program – Apparently then-Norma  Jeane helped assemble vintage-era drones. They say the photograph is originally in color.

The Most Highly Decorated Chaplain in U.S. Military History – Who knew? Something interesting, considering many people forget about the Korean War.

Knitting patterns: Socks, socks, hat. Yes, I’ve been looking for historical knitting patterns. Don’t judge.

Star Trek: the Final Frontier – A blog about putting together this comic? I was looking up, alternately, Bajoran and Ferengi costumes from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and came across this. I find this interesting for the redesigns and explanations.

Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Campaign – The brainchild of LeVar Burton, the goal of this is to bring the tv show Reading Rainbow back to children through digital means. This also gets into the net neutrality debate, which I don’t know enough about to explain here.

I hope you enjoy these links. Please don’t kill anyone with a crossbow. Aim for non-vital parts of the body. Coming soon, I hope, are posts on Civil War Discussion Group, personal D-Day events, and that time I went to Fredericksburg over Christmas? Don’t forget, I was into Civil War first.



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