Ephemera (or random tidbits)

The problem(??) with history is that it just keeps on coming. So when you turn around there’s layers upon layers upon layers, like a really, really, really thick slice of baklava. Like Mesosoic baklava. With nuts. Because History is full of nuts.

There have been many historical anniversaries of late, almost too many to keep track of:

  • A bunch of Civil War 150th Anniversaries: Monocacy, Ft. Stevens (the only time a sitting [well, standing] President came under direct fire), The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Kennesaw Mountain, Mobile Bay, while Atlanta is coming up in about a week. And those are just some of the big names. In fact, just go check out this link because I’m linking from here anyway.
  • The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I. Interesting. WWI was began 50 years after the Civil War.
  • The 70th anniversary of DDay.
  • The City of Alexandria celebrated its 2xxth birthday with fireworks.
  • And apparently today is the 2xxth Bastille Day, celebrated by the French and, I suppose, Americans pretending to have a global outlook.

To commemorate this, have some music:

The real purpose of this post is to clean out my browser tabs again. I have so many open that it’s becoming difficult to function. And so without further ado, here’s some more stuff that I find interesting on the internet:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 8.54.52 PM


I have categorized them by topic. I have either a boring or fantastic search history.


Why Did Hitler Fear Modern Art? Because he did Nazi its value!

WW1 Internment Camp Secrets Revealed at Knockaloe Farm Most people think internment camps only happened during WW2, and there’s not a lot of clarity between death camps, internment camps, and work camps, although I’m not sure the wardens could tell the difference either.

World War One Remembrance Offers A Double Vision “What’s more, each country is looking back with a kind of complex double vision, because World War One is seen through the prism of World War Two.” Which is why I really wanted that 10-volume history of The Great War mentioned in a previous post! For scholarship! And America has a rather jingoistic perception of both World Wars which also affects perception on this side of the Atlantic …

New Artworks Mark Lights Out for World War One Centenary … while Europe does stuff like this. Pretty neat.

Faneuil Hall, Faneuil Hall Wiki – Because I went to Boston and am working on a real post for that! I promise!

The Statues of Dublin and their Notorious Nicknames I love the Irish.

AP was There: Allies in France  Apparently the AP was there at Normandy. Good onya.

JSTOR – Phrenology in 19th Century Ireland An academic paper by a visiting professor I had while at Notre Dame. Still one of the best classes I’ve had.

Dead of First World War and Clontarf remembered at ceremony in Dublin Dublin is marking the 1000th [ !! 1000th !! ] anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf. What were your people doing 1000 years ago?

It’s rather convenient that so many countries have the same national colors.


9 Things Designers Do That They Would Never Admit Definitely #1. #2 is so peaceful to look at. #3 = my life. #4 – it’s hard to break away when the teachers are holding you to the modern trends, rather than the trends you want to use, which are old fashioned. Because history? #5 – does this even need to be said? #6 – right now in fact. #7 would be worse if I had disposable income. #8 – not just designers. #9 – I need that thing in the picture – see #7.

It’s Time for a New Captain America In the comic books. Which might bleed over to the movies because Marvel likes consistency like that. I stopped reading these when Cap was shot on the courthouse steps at the end of the Marvel Civil War. The author makes a good argument for Falcon/Sam Wilson assuming the mantle, esp after the character’s popularity in the second Captain America movie.

Jack Kirby Legendary comic book artist, opposite to (and some say the power behind) Stan Lee. Still deciding what I think about his style.

Why the Best Designers Don’t Specialize in Any One Thing I think it depends on what your style is, how you make money from it, and the kind you do in your free time.

Oriental Dreamworks Unveils Chinese Live Action Slate Dreamworks has partnered with some Chinese animation studios. to make movies in China for China. Is that a good thing?

Create Your Own Website for Free Looks interesting. Do employers prefer portfolio websites on your own domain name (me[dot]com), through a more reputable host site (me at wordpress), or any site as long as it works (me at tumblr)?

With this, I CAN paint with all the colors of the wind.


Broomstick Lace Infinity Scarf Broomsticks make me think of Harry Potter. I have the perfect yarn for this …

The Peacock Room A dining room of a rich English merchant back when men wore bowler hats. A more succinct version of the room’s background is here. The first link explores it as a museum piece, as a piece of art.

Why Readers are the Best People, Scientifically, to Fall in Love With  Cool I guess. Read with a lot of salt.

Geocaching DC Looks kind of like fun but do I need another hobby? How well is this blog going?

How Little Do Users Read About how people only skim websites and read every 3rd word. If you made it this far – kudos! If not – irony.

Bravest Guy in the Whole World He took a video of himself, wearing a mentos suit, jumping into a vat of diet coke.

Hogwarts is Here Enroll at Hogwarts? Yes please!

50 Ways to Get a Job Like a twelve-step program on steroids.



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