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Bueller … Bueller …

If you noticed, it has been peculiarly quiet around here.  I haven’t forgotten about you, my loyal reader(s)!  Work was unexpectedly hectic and though it was cancelled a dozen times since Christmas because of Weather, that time was used to catch up on Life.  It might stay quiet of a while because my MA Comp review may or may not be happening over the next 10 weeks.

But fear not!  I have plenty of things I want to write about!!

These include:
Monuments Men book review (definitely read it)
Monuments Men movie review (definitely see it. Read the book first if possible.)
I went to Fredericksburg in December!

And then there are links that are relevant to my interests:
New Exhibit on Post WW2 Japanese
The death of Wild Bill Guarnere, who once said I was another fine gal. (He had a HUGE effect on the reenacting community. I knew grown men who cried when they heard he passed.)
How the Government can save money by switching to Garamond from Times New Roman (And typographers are basking in their five minutes of fame.)
Principles of using white space in Graphic Design (good designers treat white space as its own entity)

And because everyone’s been so good at reading, I’ll reward you with some personal information …

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