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Wellington, My Wellington

(^ to the tune of “Maryland, My Maryland”, the national anthem of a certain mid-Atlantic state…)

For Part 1, go here.

All of my time in New Zealand, save about 18 hours, was spent in Wellington, the capital city located at the nearly southernmost point of the North Island. Since this is ostensibly a history blog, here’s a link to a detailed history of the city, but to sum up: in 1773, Captain James Cook landed at this harbor, it was named Port Nicholson after Sydney harbormaster John Nicholson. Later in 1860 it was renamed Wellington in honor of the Duke of Wellington, then in 1865 the seat of government moved there from Auckland, the largest city at the top of North Island. Wellington is more centrally located in the country, making a more appealing location for the nation’s capital.


Wellington: Fidel’s is on Cuba street (bottom left). Te Aro district is off the picture past Oin (bottom left). Mount Victoria is at the end of Majoribanks Street (bottom right). Airport is on other side of Mount Victoria. The Beehive is all the way at the top of the page right below the yellow box. Te Papa Tongarewa is building J on the Harbor. Building M (bottom right) is the Embassy Theatre, where The Return of the King film had its world premiere. My hostel was on the other side of the street at the corner of Something Terrace and Courtenay Place.

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Kia Ora!

You know how sometimes things in life align and present, nay – knocks you over the head with an opportunity that you’d be an idiot not to take? Well, like a big flashing arrow on the Road of Life did an opportunity to visit Oz arise. I would meet my sister, we would get to spend Christmas with some long lost Australian relations, win/win.

I took a couple of extra days off to visit New Zealand because I was going to be in the neighborhood and it isn’t exactly a country you can take a quick detour through otherwise. Also I WOULD GET TO SEE THE HOBBIT PART 3 PREMIERE! IN THE EMBASSY THEATER! (I’ve been mildly obsessed with New Zealand since the original Lord of the Rings movies. In fact, I pregamed this trip by isolating myself for a two weeks just to watch all 30+ hours of the Making Of. Which is the sole reason I bought the Extended DVD set.)

Because this blog is ostensibly dedicated to “history”, here’s a little bit about New Zealand: (And – oooooh: jobs and immigration….) Continue reading

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