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Now with Moving Pictures!

… not THIS type of Moving Pictures

Instead of updating last post and ruining that thing of beauty, I’m putting all the videos from WW2 weekend here.

First ride in Jeepie! Approaching the Polish camp before making a right and driving from the camp.

From the dance.  This couple is fun to watch and apparently make the circuit of World War 2 themed dances.  Their son was there and looked like he was equally phenomenal at dancing.

Second ride in Jeepie! Yelling insults at the American GIs as we pass down the main drive.


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World War 2 Weekend 2013

Over the weekend of September 21-22, there was a Living History event at the Eisenhower farm, which happens to be at Gettysburg.  During WW2, the battlefield was owned by the Department of Something, so Eisenhower and Patton and those guys brought tanks up to practice shooting them.

A brief history of the farm, according to the NPS pamphlet:

The Eisenhowers bought the house and farmland in 1950 from a fellow named Allen Redding, planning to retire.  They had to structurally restore the building, and the finished product had eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and an extensive kitchen, among other rooms.  The land itself is at least 189 acres.  However, two years later he was elected President and served two terms in office before they finally retired to the farm.  According to the literature, their favorite spot was the glassed in porch, where they could watch the sunrise over the rolling Pennsylvania mountains.  I bet it was glorious.  The front drive to the main property is lined with trees, one from every state.  Mamie would ask him how far he’d walked, and he would reply with, “Minnesota” or “Oregon” and she would know how far he had gone.

Ok, now to the weekend.

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