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Memorial Day 2015 – Where It All Began. Maybe.

Is there anything more patriotic than attending the National Memorial Day Concert, hosted by Lieutenant Dan Gary Sinise, live on the Capitol Building’s Lawn while knitting socks for one’s Civil War soldier, surrounded by sirens because there was a “suspicious package” a block away? I didn’t think so.

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Memorial Day Parade

Happy Memorial Day!

(Not to be confused with Veterans Day, Armistice Day, ANZAC day, or Remembrance Day.)

Today is the day to recall the men and women who died in the service of the country, which is not to be confused with Veterans Day, which honors all those who served. (I had to look this one up.)

The origins of this holiday are debatable. Why? Because apparently everyone wants to take credit for the holiday that is the official kickoff to summer? Because it was such a good idea that everyone wants to prove they thought of it first? I don’t really know.

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