1776 Is A Boss Musical

I may have left the Museum of the American Revolution delirious and hangry, but I was inspired. There had been so much sensory intake that it needed an appropriate release of some sort. Which, in layman’s terms, meant I finished the day watching the musical film 1776 and laughing louder than probably necessary at .. most of it.

Holy macaroni. The holiest of macaronis. 1776 is SO cheesy and ridiculous I LOVE IT.


My initial thoughts were that this seems like the precursor to Hamilton, against which most current movements in the Colonial Era are judged at the moment. It adds a musical twist to the writing of the Declaration of Independence. And the film was produced in the 1970s, so it clearly has a very dated air to costuming and production. Which only adds to its cheesiness and utter ridiculousness.

One of my favorite online tumblr accounts belongs to a user called LadyHistory, (from whom I took all the gifs) who appears to be a high school civics/history/social studies/Murica teacher, with an obsession for the titular musical and now all her posts make sense! Maybe her blog tainted my view. Maybe I was led astray by the high emotions left with me after MoAR. Or maybe I was finally ready for this spectacle. Close readers will know I have an appreciation of the sublime. Less close readers know I have an appreciation of the ridiculous. And here I would like to state my appreciation for the sublimely ridiculous.

If you ask if you should see this, I say yes, or I shall give you a Look. Some favorite songs included below for a reference point for people who don’t want to sit through three hours of colonial singing.

…I promise my next post will have a little less …. frivolité.


That look imma give you if you say Nay


The first clip opens the show and warms my heart. My family is equally cantankerous when we are surrounded by the unwilling. To say Adams would fit in with us is something of an understatement. Seriously, #thestruggleisreal.

Up next: Richard Henry Lee (no relation to Robert E.), the FFV – the Founding Family of Virginia. So I didn’t realize this was a thing until I lived in Virginia, but natives know exactly how closely or distantly they’re related to a First Family of Virginia, a club even more exclusive than the D.A.R.

Up next: I’m fairly certain this is exactly how Jefferson was induced to write the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was cast perfectly. And how Adams yells at the others doing a step-dance down the stairs? Perfection.





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