50th Post!

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We interrupt this blog celebrate my 50th post. Woo hoo!

My blog birthday is coming up later this year too. Wow, much celebrate, such party. I’m working on a backlog of posts that I’ve started but never finished. Each post takes at least a couple of hours to compose and check, so squeezing that in between my wild and exciting* real life can be tricky.

*My life is not wild and exciting

BUT I’m not complaining. I’m having loads of fun with this, even if posts are few and far between. Feel free to quote whatever adage you want about quality over quantity, or the size of the boat versus the motion of the ocean, or what have you. They’re all applicable in this case.

Also, dear reader(s), I just wanted to point out that my posts are now featuring a links section at the bottom. As a mildly OCD history major, I need to cite everything, and as a designer I’m OCD about attributing work that isn’t mine. The logical conclusion is this weird form of end notes. Feel free to ignore but it makes me all pleased with myself. I have a nerdy, non stuffy blog, now complete with footnotes. #FTW

So…. ’nuff said about this. Imma go eat a Captain America cake now.


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