This week marks the one year anniversary of this blog! Hooray!! It’s been a great (and busy!) year and I’m looking forward to see what the next year brings.

It's your birthday! Time to party!

It’s your birthday! Time to party!
The only time you’ll see George Washington and twerking in the same caption.

(…because I didn’t have time to draw a birthday themed Thing, you get a celebratory doodle from last year)

So …. we’re going to do a brief self-assessment, because work is all about self-assessments right now and my blog wanted to play along.

My original purpose for this blog was to write about visiting all the historical places I visit. I’ve been doing pretty well at visiting places and not so well at doing the After Action Reports. I’ve met a lot of truly fantastic people, and they’re even cooler because I can make terribly corny history jokes/speculation with them. This will probably come as no surprise, but I usually follow the living historians. It’s a lot faster and easier to talk to them about whatever they’re portraying than reading the brochures and studying beforehand. And it’s kind of fun to see them do their thing, kind of like the practical application of history.

I should get better at my After Action Report turnaround time. I should get better at finding more legitimate sources than Wikipedia. I should get better at proofreading/editing, although I think generally my writing-for-a-blog has improved. I also need to get better at reading history. However, most of this is outside my control because I’m still in class and that takes much of my discretionary time. (Or I could use better time management…)



Is that donuts on a CAKE?! YES PLEASE!!

Now the most important question:

The history department at Notre Dame invited me (and all their other history grads) to come back and speak to undergrads about the Future. Does doing living history (stay tuned, next post) and (poorly) blogging it count? I’m not employed in the field of history. Actually my history degree has nothing to do with my job or how I got it. So …. maybe I shouldn’t talk about the prospects of the Future to the poor undergrads who think they’ll still get a job after graduation.

In conclusion, it’s been a great year. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this over the past year! Thanks for sticking with me!


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