The Scottish Problem

I just had to get this in before the results of the Scottish vote are published. I was trying to follow this at work but … the Scottish are so civilised about everything and voting isn’t a full-contact sport like it is here in the States. So there were lots of people casting ballots against a cloudy sky but there weren’t anything like exit polls or a little counter ticking off all the precincts as they close or a preliminary result or even a percentage of population that has voted.

It’s a good thing I’m not Scottish because I have no opinion one way or the other. On the one hand – a repressed peoples sticking it to Britain and breaking free (think of my Irish loyalties…), on the other hand – could an independent Scotland survive economically?


And so without further ado, this is the day’s stream of thoughts regarding the issue:

– A sister has queued up the Braveheart soundtrack to play. According to her, “This will either be an awesome but cliched joke for one day or a tired and deeply depressing benchmark for many long years to come.”

– I will only accept Scottish independence if the Union Jack accepts the and Welsh Dragon.

There was a contest for the redesign of the Union Jack minus the Scotland part. The snark is strong with this post.
(it is written from the English perspective. So there’s that…)
(In all seriousness, I like the concept of the flowers one. And anything with a dragon.)

– This link (here) takes you to an article showing happy people voting. And a closeup on a kilt. The caption says the guy wore a kilt to vote at Bannockburn. Oh the ironies. Why? Bannockburn and Scottish independence go back a looooooooong way. Like when Mel Gibson led a bunch of clansmen to Bannockburn and showed King Edward II more full moons than he would see in a lifetime of blue moons.

– Teeheehee, get it? Blue moons? Cuz they were all painted blue? And they mooned the King?? I crack myself up.

– Friend of Scottish ancestry (nee Stewart..) sent this article: An interesting read.

– I will only accept Scottish independence if their head of state is sworn in on the Stone of Scone. Please let’s bring back this ancient tradition.

– What industry/material does Scotland have to support itself? I honestly have no idea what Scotland has going for it besides tartan and haggis. And that it was once inhabited by naked blue screaming people. Is Scotland’s biggest export Harry Potter????

He’s not so sure about that either.

– Wait wait wait if Harry Potter is Scotland’s biggest export, JKR could probably support the entire Scottish economy. And then turn Scotland into Hogwarts and embrace it, like New Zealand did with Lord of the Rings! *problem solved!*

Hadrian’s Wall might become relevant again. Sidenote, they do Roman reenactments. Awww yiss.

Romans: *march* *march* *march* *march*
Romans: Oh no! there’s a wall in our way! What do we do?
Hadrian: Mwa! Ha! Ha! You cannot pass my wall!
Hadrian: No one asked you.
Romans: *wail*
Soldier: wait
Soldier: wait wait wait Soldier: what if we go -over- the wall?
Romans: ….
Hadrian: …. Oh crap.



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